Hello!  Welcome to the inaugural post for Medix Staffing Solutions new social media endeavor, the web log, the “online soap box,” otherwise known as the mighty blog.Bookmark in Browser  Why, you may ask, has it taken us so long to jump on this bandwagon of tech-savvy brand diffusion?  After all, there are apparently already 156 million blogs in existence.  Well after today, make that 156 million… and one.
As a company entering into our tenth year of business, we have a decade-deep wealth of knowledge as an organization in staffing (not to mention our numerous team members that have several years of additional experience in the industry).  So we decided there was no better time than today than to start sharing those tips and tricks, successes and failures, within the blogosphere.
So if you’re interested in hiring, firing, finding jobs, switching jobs, landing jobs, excelling in jobs, creating jobs, or any other possible variation of “employment expertise,” you are in the right place.  (and if not, you should be!  Everyone should be interested in bettering their company or themselves professionally!)  And as much as we love to share our ideas and great articles we find, we are evolving staffing students too, so please feel free to respond with any comments or tips you may have to share.
Cheers to sharing knowledge and spreading success!