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Positively Impacting Tomorrow’s Workforce

Tomorrow holds opportunity we haven’t even dreamed of yet! Who will unlock it? The next generation. At Medix, we believe every child deserves the tools to seize tomorrow and its promise. Through this belief and our Core Purpose of positively impacting lives, our organizational cause of 20,000 Kids was born. Through our cause, the Medix team partners with organizations to provide foundational support and mentorship to shape children from grade school to college to find their own purpose and become empowered members of tomorrow’s workforce.

Lifes Impacted


In a perfect world, every child would have a solid platform of development from which to jump into opportunity. Unfortunately, some children’s platforms are not as sturdy. Through the Foundation prong of 20,000 Kids, Medix partners with organizations to support children’s foundational needs, so that they have more opportunity to reach their potential.


The Medix teammates are experts in all things employment and reaching goals. For kids of all ages – grade school to college – we want to become a guiding light that illuminates paths these kids can greatly impact. The workforce is ever-changing, and we believe the next generation should be at the forefront in driving that change. We hope you will lock arms with us on our journey to positively impact 20,000 children. Your support will make our cause a success and help our next generation shape the workforce for decades to come!

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