We talk a lot about how to find a job, but what do you do once you’re closing in on one? This is a question that commonly gets clouded by the fact that a potential job is sitting right in front of our face. The mere excitement that comes with the fact that the excruciating job search is nearly over can blind job seekers to factors worth considering before saying “yes.” Surely, accepting a job is easy. However, it’s important to take a few steps back and truly think about the following:

Ask as many questions as possible.

Receiving a job offer is like all of your favorite holidays rolled up into one moment. You’ve worked your hardest to be an attractive candidate, slaved through the interview process and finally made a meaningful connection with the employer. But, what now? Do you know all of the benefits you will receive? Do you know the pay? What about the responsibilities of position you interviewed for? Often times, job candidates get so caught up in the excitement that the real questions are forgotten or somewhere lost in conversation during interviews. Before continuing on a path into a new career, take time to ask all the necessary questions you will need to know in order to be your most successful at the job. Dig into the job duties, read over the contract and don’t be afraid to communicate exactly what this position and job entails.

Take time.

Take a few moments to really picture yourself working for this organization. Do you see yourself turning this offer into a long-term career, or is this more of a stepping stone in the right direction? Before you sign the contract, most employers will allow you a window of time to evaluate the offer. Rather than jumping the gun and rushing to a decision, truly take this time to think about how well you will fit into the company. After all, you will spend countless hours there if you do accept, so you might as well like it!

Prepare yourself.

As soon as that contract is signed, life as you know it will change. You will have a new crew of co-workers, a new location to travel to and a whole new set of job duties. When you accept a job offer, a large step that people often miss is day one preparation. Make sure you are well-equipped to walk into your new job feeling confident and ready to tackle your tasks. Here are few tips to help prepare:

  • Connect with co-workers on LinkedIn.
  • Lock down the route you will take every day to make sure you are on time.
  • Find the nearest Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Einstein’s or whatever coffee stop you prefer. Trust me, you may not need it on the first day, but you will want to know by the end of the first week.
  • Don’t be afraid to clarify your day-to-day tasks if you do not understand. Confusion will only make things more confusing.

If you accept a job offer there are lot of FAQs, but don’t be afraid to praise yourself! Remember that you are moving in the right direction and you have accomplished something great. However, do take into consideration some of these tips to ensure this job is the right fit. Do you have any other “have you considereds” for accepting a job? Please share below:

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