LunchBreakfast might be the most important meal of the day. Dinner, on the other hand, gets all of the superstar attention that comes with a primetime meal slot.
But lunch? Lunch means business.
There’s limited time, so any eating or conversation needs to fit into about an hour of meticulously scheduled time. Handheld sandwiches and prepackaged portions ensure dining efficiency. At its core, lunch is a meal of necessity, fueling the projects that lay ahead in second half of the day. This brisk pace and routine timing can quickly transform lunch from a satisfying escape into a boring obligation.
Luckily, sometimes a small change can help you get the most out of that afternoon meal. Here are a few ways to spice up your next lunch hour:
Share with Someone New
That same old sandwich might just taste brand new with fresh company! Whether your lunch hour is a solitary routine or involves a regular group of friends, taking the opportunity to connect with a new variety of coworkers can be invigorating. Reaching out to members of other departments and offices is a great way to learn more about your company, understand the people you work with and build your professional network. After all, every good meal deserves a good conversation!
Lunch and Learn
You’ve been working at a steady pace since this morning’s coffee. Lunch is a fantastic time to slow down and switch gears, even for a short while. However, this downtime can still be used to your advantage! There are tons of convenient ways to learn new information in a small window of time. Between bites, use this opportunity to participate in webinars or watch recorded online sessions. Some companies and professional organizations even offer lunchtime training opportunities, so keep an eye out for these and schedule accordingly. Here’s your chance to put brain food to the test!
Explore More
There is an entire world outside of the office! If you find yourself feeling trapped behind your cubicle walls, grab that picnic basket and head outside for lunch for a change. Changing environments for a short while can help to reset your mind and recharge your attitude for the day ahead. Additionally, you never know where inspiration might strike! Local shops, community events and other lunching professionals might just give you an idea that you can carry with you back to the office.
Lunchtime is often the misunderstood, middle child of meals. Short and speedy, it’s easy to overlook the effect that lunch can have on our day. If your afternoon meal is feeling a little bland, spice it up tomorrow! Do you have any other suggestions? Serve them up below!