You’re applying for jobs, but you might not be thinking about all of the factors that could impact whether the employer will hire you or not. Social media can hinder job searches immensely if the proper steps aren’t taken to make sure you present yourself in a professional manner.
Learning the process of job searching is certainly important and part of that is familiarizing yourself with the ropes of social media. Let’s face it, the number of hiring managers who are searching through your profiles is increasing whether you like it or not! This means that anything your grandma would cringe at probably should not be up on your pages. Employers are looking to hire candidates who not only fit certain skill sets, but also have an appropriate presence outside of work. Don’t let an angry tweet, inappropriate share on Facebook or crazy Instagram picture hurt your reputation!
Here are some tips to help keep your profile attractive to employers:
Go through your photos: Party pictures can be fun to reminisce on, but social media profiles for all to see aren’t the best place to store those photos. Make sure your profile is rid of all racy and inappropriate images that can potentially make or break your employment for some companies. First impressions are crucial in the competitive job market and with employers searching your online profiles; you will want to make sure you profile picture is a professional representation of yourself.
Revisit your content: Social media platforms can be a great way to share who you are with others, but make sure you are sharing accurate information. Looking at someone’s bio, shares, statuses, comments and likes are a great indicator of how a person behaves. It might be difficult to go years back, but it would be beneficial to do a quick sweep through of your profiles. Delete any incorrect or inappropriate information on your profile and it will push you one step closer to landing that dream job!
Friends: Back in the day, being friends with anyone and everyone under the sun was the “cool” thing to do. The more friends you had, the more popular you were, right? Well, now that you’re older and applying for jobs, it might be a good idea to cut down on the thousand friends you have and limit it to just those that you actually know. Allowing yourself to only connect with friends who you know will tell employers that you care about who views your profile. Not to mention, connecting with professional groups and peers will impress potential employers that much more!
Edit privacy settings: One of the advantages of most social media outlets is the ability to put your information on private or alter settings to make the profile harder to access. Although this does not excuse racy photos and false information about yourself (You should definitely still fix those!), it does allow users to pick and choose who can post on the profile, what photos can be shared on the page and overall viewers. The last thing an employer wants to see is your crazy friends posting inappropriate videos and pictures on your Facebook page! So make sure to surf through the settings pages to see the kinds of things you would like to limit when keeping employers in mind.
Getting rid of unappealing information on your profiles may be annoying and tedious, but it will help increase your chances of employment. Social media is popular among employer searches today, so get yourself one step ahead of the game, and clean up your profiles!
Do you have any tips for cleaning up social media profiles? Let’s talk in the comment section below!

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