don't complain conceptComplaining is a bad habit for many. But let’s be honest – there are some everyday annoyances that deserve it! The cable company’s bad customer service, that “Check Engine” light turning on again, the dog destroying your favorite shoes, gas prices spiking again. Venting about these common annoyances can make you feel better, but there is a line between getting something off your chest and unconstructive whining. If you have been finding yourself in a latter category – especially at work – it’s time to fix it. Here is why: 
It’s Toxic 
Complaining is toxic and spreads among everyone. The office complainer is that cloud over the team, bringing everyone down – you don’t want to be that person! 
It’s a Motivation-Killer
If you have spent your day complaining to your office buddy, chances are you’re not getting a lot of work completed. Not only that, your drive to get work done is probably minimal, as well.
It’s Unprofessional 
To be frank, perpetual complaining in the office is unprofessional. Your supervisor probably doesn’t like constant complaining and neither do your coworkers. If you have a genuine issue, they are happy to lend you an ear or a helping hand, but if you keep going, you might notice their attention span shortening.
It Solves Nothing. 
At the end of the day, complaining will not solve your problems at work. In fact, it will only magnify them, making everything feel much worse. Your time is valuable and much better spent solving your issue or simply focusing on something else, which leads us to our last point…
The Solution: Stay Positive or Make a Change! 
As mentioned, complaining is a bad habit, and simply choosing to stay positive will help a lot. However, if your situation at work is bad enough where there is no silver lining, it’s time to make a change. Talk to your boss about why you’re unhappy, or perhaps it’s time to move on to a new position. Either way, you have more control over the situation than you realize.
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