Graduation is approaching in May, which means there’s still time to plan for your first career move! Between school work piling up, finals approaching and the “last time” for every fun event, new grads need to consider how the future might look when school comes to close. If you haven’t gotten a head start on securing a post-grad job, don’t worry! We have some helpful tips on things you can start doing now:


If you haven’t used the career center on campus to your advantage, start now! Career resource centers are there to help you navigate your job search and lead you to current job openings that match your skills, wants and needs. For instance, they work with employers to identify job openings that can be filled by college grads. Set up a time with a career advisor to get more information on programs like this! Additionally, career centers will set you up for success by providing services to improve resumes, help with interview skills and even print business cards. As a recent grad, it can be confusing and overwhelming to start a career search all by yourself. Use the resources you have at your disposal while you still have access to them!


Filling out job applications are a given as a post grad looking to start a career. In the grand scheme of a job search, the application can seem like the easy part. Don’t be fooled! Filling out applications takes time because you need to be mindful of the information you’re sharing for the position you’re applying to. Not to mention, gathering all the information you need can be time consuming if you’re not prepared. The lesson here: prep for everything in the job search, even the application process!


Some experts predict that 70 percent of jobs are filled through networking. Clearly, building meaningful connections to expand your network could really help your career in the long run. Here’s a helpful hint: while talking to a new connection, focus on actually connecting with that person instead of coming off as desperate or only interested in advancing your career. Professionalism is key, but don’t force the conversation. Instead, focus on having a meaningful conversation that actively involves the other person. Whether you’re interacting with someone face-to-face or online, prepare some questions to ask about their career path journey! There are plenty of jobs that aren’t necessarily listed online, but are waiting to be found via networking!


This is the fun part of job searching because you can brand yourself however you want! What do people think of when your name pops in their mind? Personal branding is important because it will determine how others perceive you as a professional. While building your brand, be mindful of your social media presence, associate yourself with others who demonstrate strong personal brands, promote yourself in a professional manner and share purposeful information online. If you haven’t already, set up a professional email address that’s straight forward – think instead of a nickname or something silly. You can also create a professional email signature with your most updated contact information. While crafting emails to potential employers, be friendly and avoid using chat speak, emojis and smiley faces! In other words, branding is about the way the little things come together to give others an impression of who you are as a professional. How do you want to be perceived?

Graduating is an exciting milestone in your life! Celebrating is key, but so is starting your career. Start planning for your future today by following our helpful tips. Do you have any other advice on how to get hired as a new grad? Please share below: