The summer months are rolling in and the weather is heating up which means the challenge to stay focused at work is upon us!  Not only is productivity crucial to your specific job responsibilities, but also to the company as a whole. If you’re distracted at work, chances are you’re not performing to your highest potential. After all, it’s important to stay concentrated during the day in order to enjoy the summer nights!
Here are some tips to improve your productivity:
Plan, plan and plan: This might be the oldest trick in the book but a lot of people overlook how great to-do lists can actually be. Either in the morning or right before you leave the office, try to jot down some tasks that can be completed the following day. Also, taking the time to plan an outfit for the next day, making a lunch or getting your work bag together ahead of time will allow for more sleep, which is something everyone could use!
Limit distractions: The average attention span of the normal human is shockingly shorter than one would imagine. In order to minimize the interruptions in the office, try to turn your cell phone on silent and look at it only when you absolutely have to. That way, the temptation to surf through social media or communicate with friends will be eliminated altogether. I like to think of it as the “out of sight, out of mind” approach.
Take breaks: It is impossible to mentally function properly from 8am-5pm every single day. Taking short breaks throughout the day will help your mind re-boot and your body stay awake from start to finish. Move around a little bit to get your blood flowing and focus your eyes on something other than your computer screen for five minutes!
“Help!”: Do not be afraid to ask for help! The larger tasks can be overwhelming at times and trying to tackle everything by yourself can lead to unwanted and unnecessary stress. Use the resources and coworkers around you to help with jobs that you may be stuck on or can’t handle alone. An extra set of eyes can never hurt!
Treat yourself: At the end of a long work day or work week everyone deserves a reward. Whether you complete a major project that you have been working on or reach a personal goal that you set, it is important to celebrate small victories. Try going out to your favorite place for dinner or adding something new to your wardrobe!
These tips may seem simple, but if you try a couple you will find it easier to stay motivated and get your job done! Do you have any productivity advice? If so, share it below!