How many activities have you completed today that did not involve technology? From the mundane to the complex, everything seems to tap into tech nowadays; coffee machines come equipped with sophisticated computer systems, smart phone apps alert users of the day’s weather and now, even walking is tied to a handy wrist device that counts steps!

If our even the simplest elements of our day-to-day tasks are tied to technology, why should the job search be any different? Unfortunately, between mountains of emails, multiple job applicant profiles and a staggering amount of social media sites, all of this tech can almost feel like it’s slowing down your search for the perfect job.

If you’re feeling a little sluggish with your online job search, here are our five favorite tech shortcuts to help you tap into the job market:

LinkedIn email preferences can be eye opening.
If you’ve searched for a new job recently, you should already have a LinkedIn profile complete with all of your most recent employment and education information filled out. However, have you considered checking your email preferences? Under account settings, LinkedIn allows you to toggle key options for your email alerts that could prove very useful when hunting for a job. For example, enabling “Network Updates” will send you an email when anyone from your network shares important news, new connections are formed or other activity that could be key when looking for openings. You can also receive “Jobs and Opportunities” emails directly from your account, tailored to your area of interest. Automating the process of learning the latest news in your network can help you stay in touch with key connections and save more time for other elements of your search.

Use Twitter tools to supercharge your search.
Twitter may not be the first social media platforms job seekers think of when trying to find their next role, but if you’re not using lists on Twitter, you’re missing out! Under account settings, the “Lists” option allows you to create a feed dedicated to one idea or topic. The goal here is to add a number of quality job search accounts – think dream employers, industry thought leaders, job board sites, etc. – to a list for following; this way, you can easily click into the list and have all of your job-related content in one handy place! Beats weeding through all of the job opportunities mixed in between your friend’s tweets and silly pics, right?

Save job board search criteria.
Scouring through the thousands of listings on job boards can be a difficult daily chore. Save yourself time and frustration by saving search criteria on the online job boards you use. Most job sites will allow you to identity location and titles of interest, among other categories. While saving these presets saves times, be sure to keep a few variations saved for each search, just to make sure you’re not missing anything that might not exactly fit your search criteria. For example, if you’re searching for a marketing role that involves blogging, the job title might be, “blogger” “writer” or “marketer” depending on the organization. Preparing multiple presets makes sure you are covered to catch such variety.

Google Alerts can help you find the latest company news.
It is extremely important to be knowledgeable about the company you’re applying to on interview day. Not only is this research key for determining if you’ll be a good fit for the team, but you need to be prepared to ask your interviewer thoughtful questions. Save some time by setting up Google News Alerts for the company you’re applying for! This handy tool allows you to set up a search for specific terms located in news stories. If the phrase you’re looking for ends up in an article, an email is automatically sent to you detailing that piece of news. For example, searching for “Company Name” when mentioned with “News,” “CEO,” “Fundraiser,” and other key terms would ensure that you are alerted when any combination appears online.

Prepare for interviews using video chat technology.
Practice makes perfect. Thanks to technological advances, there are more ways than ever to prepare for interview day. One great way to get more reps under your belt is to spend some time role playing job interview scenarios with a friend. With the help of video chat technology, such as Skype, you’ll have the chance to speak face-to-face and talk through potential scenarios. With more details than a phone call and less coordination than would be needed with an in-person meeting, video chat can make preparing for and interviewing that much easier!

Technology has made life simpler in so many ways, why not tap into its power when you’re looking for a new job? Start using these five tech shortcuts today and supercharge your job search!

Have any tips for using technology when looking for a job? We’d love to hear your comments!