Finding the perfect job opportunity and standing out among other job applicants in a competitive market is really tough. Nowadays, your job search requires more than a resume, cover letter and interview. How exactly do you know if you’re putting yourself in the right position to outperform your peers and land a job? Fortunately, there are resources and strategies that we can learn from exceptional job seekers. Here’s what you can do during your job search:


Exceptional job seekers take preparation to the next level. With little effort, a job search can start with a few simple steps. Power up your computer, jump on a job board and start applying. What sets exceptional job seekers apart is their ability to look beyond the job search basics. What more can you be doing to set yourself up to land a job? Try laying out your realistic short-term and long-term goals. Create your job search guidelines based on how you want your future to look. Do you have a list of contacts for references and possible job connections? Are you looking at job boards that are specific to industries that interest you? Exceptional job seekers look at preparation from every angle!


Without a sound organization system, your job search can end up jumbled, leaving more room for errors. One great way to keep track of all job search data is to create a spreadsheet with each applications information. In a neat table, you can write down following:

  • Company name
  • Point-of-contact information
  • Date applied
  • Interview date or deadline dates
  • Follow-up date after application submission or interview
  • Status of application
  • Notes

Nowadays, job searching will require time, effort and a ton of information. By selecting an organization method, smart job seekers save time and can easily access information about a particular pending application.

Stay current

Exceptional job seekers are always on the ball. Through the several steps in a job search, there are techniques to ensure that your skills are sharp enough to compete with other job seekers. For instance, one of the first steps of a job search is to create a resume. If it’s been a while since you’ve done a re-vamp, taking a resume writing workshop could help brush up on those skills. Another way to stay up-to-speed during a search is reading up on job search etiquette. There are a ton of resourceful job seeker books available out there! Finally, if you land an interview, you want to be informed about current industry events. In order to be an exceptional job seeker, choose a news outlet that publishes industry-specific news so you’re always in the know!

Pick up the phone

These days, phone calls are extremely underrated because they are becoming less common. If you find yourself searching for a job and come across a contact number, give it a ring! Beforehand, prepare some questions and treat it like a phone interview. Not only will it show initiative to the potential employer, but you’ll get to pick their brain to see if it could be the right fit for you.

Social Media Savvy

With social media becoming a vital part of a job search, there’s a ton of information and tips on how to clean up your profiles to come off as appealing and suitable to employers. Don’t let this information make you think you need to delete your profiles altogether. You can actually use social media to your advantage without creating an entirely new social media identity! For instance, comment on LinkedIn posts that interest you, share industry articles and fill your network with like-minded professionals. Sometimes social media gets a bad rap because material comes off as inappropriate. There are certainly negative social media tendencies that potential employers look out for that job seekers may overlook. For instance, be careful of spelling/grammar errors, alcohol consumption and overly opinionated posts. While having clean profiles is important, exceptional job seekers also make it a priority to stay involved online. Potential employers like to see positives such as design work, engagement in volunteering and mutual connections!

With the right job search strategy you’ll be able to save time and find more meaningful opportunities! Job searching is no easy task, but paying attention to what the “expert” job seekers do will set you apart from others. Do you have a job search strategy you’d like to share? Please share below: