Oh, the thrills of job searching! Whether or not it’s your first rodeo, there’s always lessons to be learned. While the thought of re-starting or just beginning a job search can be daunting, it’s certainly a process worth investing the time to figure out. With that being said, these tips will help outline some things to take into consideration:

  1. Organization is key

Que the automatic eye roll at the suggestion of a journal or planner. It may sound nerdy, but in reality, it’s a lot easier to lose track of dates, names and times when you write them down. Staying organized during the job hunt will help out tremendously with small details. If a journal or planner isn’t your thing, put reminders in your phone so you don’t accidentally miss an interview or mess up an important name!

  1. Connections Never Fail

True connections can be hard to come by when job searching. Constantly asking for favors isn’t ideal, but remember that your professional network wants to see you succeed, so asking for a favor every now and then is not a bad thing. A job search is an adventure and along the way, you must build and maintain worthwhile relationships. Don’t overlook the value of a connection; sometimes the simplest way to open a new door is to tap into your own resources!

  1. Time is Precious

Even though binge watching your favorite TV show all day is relaxing, you’re wasting a lot of valuable time. Waiting to start job searching will only create anxiety, stress and missed opportunities. Take initiative and get started ASAP! Talk to your peers; get a grip on the process, and try to find the right approach that will allow yourself to hit the ground running!

  1. Get All Those Ducks in a Row

Portfolios and resumes seriously matter. Let’s be real; employers are looking for experience and candidates who will perform. Competition is fierce! Finding something that sets you apart from the others will create more opportunities for yourself! A way to pinpoint your uniqueness and hard work is creating a portfolio of past work and perfecting your resume for specific positions.

  1. No One is Perfect

If you follow any business leader on social media, have listened to leaders speak or know anyone who’s worked in the business world then you’re probably familiar with failure. Without making mistakes, no one would learn to do things the right way. While it may not feel great to mess up at an interview or have someone criticize your resume, it will teach you valuable lessons to consider in the future. Embrace mistakes but learn from them moving forward!
By taking the time to fully understand the process, it will become easier to master the ups and downs of job searching and ultimately reach your professional goal! Have a tip that will help a job search? Feel free to share below:

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