Gone are the days of needing to pound the pavement day-in and day-out in order to fill out paper applications in person. Nowadays, your next opportunity could be just a few clicks away!

Or so you think.

Just like the good old fashioned office-to-office job search, applying to jobs online is a job in itself. Simply posting a resume online and waiting for the offers to come pouring in is not enough. Job seekers must commit to building engaging and informational profiles, actively connecting with industry insiders and communicating in a timely manner. If you feel like your online job search has been stalled lately, here are our six favorite hacks for marking that internet profile work for you:

  • Get active on LinkedIn! Having a top notch profile is only the beginning. In order to get the most out of this online network, be sure to share interesting and relevant posts, engage with company pages and give support to your connections when they hit career milestones.
  • Templates are fine, but being a robot isn’t. Be sure to personalize each message you send to an employer regarding an opportunity, be it a thank you note or a first communication. Not only can most people spot a shoddy copy-and-paste job, but sloppy repurposing of messages raises the risk of sending something to the wrong employer in error.
  • Keep track of your online profiles and passwords by creating a reference document. There are a lot of sites that allow you to create a username, upload your resume and send in a job application these days. Before you get lost in a web of job boards and company websites, plug your login details and application notes into a master document.
  • Create a professional email address dedicated to your job search only. With all of the promotional messages, notes from friends and everything else the internet provides via email clogging your personal inbox, missing out on a message from a potential employer is easier than you might think. Lower your risk of a clutter catastrophe by creating a new account, using a clear professional name, which is focused solely on your career.
  • Set-up automated alerts for job postings, but keep searching manually on a targeted schedule. Automation can be extremely handy, especially when utilizing multiple job board sites, so take advantage of available tools that allow you to get messages regarding opportunities that match your search criteria. However, these alerts can’t possibly pull in every opportunity, and they can run into issues overtime if your search changes or if email settings start recognizing these repeated emails as spam. Cover all of your bases by scheduling time to do your own manual searches a few times a week in addition to these quick reference tools.
  • Quantity of applications does not translate to quality! Save yourself time and effort by thoroughly reading job descriptions and only applying to positions that you are confident you would be a good fit for.

Just like anything worth doing, becoming proficient at job searching online takes time and effort. These six tips are a great start, but the extent that your online profile works for you depends on how much you are willing to put into it. Do you have any tricks for navigating the online job search? Share them below!