take a break from workEven if you love your job, nothing is perfect every day. You will run into times when taking a step back is necessary. However, with things like dentist appointments, sick days and other obligations eating up your personal time, you might forget that it’s ok to use it when you simply need a break. If you’re suffering from any of the below signs, it might be time to use some personal time for YOU:

You’ve Become Irritable 

If minute things, like the way your cubicle neighbor types, are starting to drive you nuts, it’s a sign you need to take a day or two away from the office. We all have annoyances, but when little things become big things, you need a break. 

Lack of Motivation 

When your motivation runs dry, it means you’re disengaged. Although there are many reasons for an engagement drop, you can start getting yourself on track by taking time to regroup. 

Constant Stress 

Not only is constant stress bad for your career, it’s also horrible for your health! Be an advocate for your well-being, and take a vacation. Make sure you’re unplugged, so your peace isn’t disrupted!

You’re Making Mistakes 

Another sign you need a break is that you’re making more mistakes than usual. If you’re overlooking the little things or making simple errors you’d usually catch, your brain is probably a little fried and needs a recharge.

Feeling Like You’re Spinning Your Wheels 

Career plateaus happen. When you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and making little advancement, the frustration can be cause to take a step back and reassess. For more advice on how to power through a career plateau, check out our recent blog post.

The Toll Work is Taking on Other Priorities

We all have a multitude of priorities outside of work – our families and friends, significant others, volunteer work, hobbies, the list goes on. Striking and maintaining a balance among everything can be tough, and when you feel the balance teetering more toward work and others begin to feel neglected, you need to straighten it out. Go on a family vacation, take a long weekend – anything to restore your balance and keep you satisfied professionally and personally.

Time off is more than just a perk, it can become a necessity. Keep these signs in mind to know when to raise the white flag for a personal day.

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