The Medix Story

Launched in 2001, Medix was built on the principle of becoming a leading provider of workforce solutions for clients and candidates across the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology industries. As we grow and evolve, we recognize our differentiation lies not just in traditional staffing, but in true partnerships and collaboration on hiring and employment solutions.

We are a trusted partner for our talent by helping them identify their individual skills and traits, matching them with opportunities to excel and creating communities where they can foster their skills.

In supporting our clients, we understand each organization and culture is unique, and we thrive in collaborating to provide innovative solutions to suit employers’ specific needs.

The root of our growth and continued success stems from not only our loyal clients and talent, but the dedication of our people. Medix takes great pride in our teammates and the culture we built together as an organization. We promote an environment that rewards the hard work and perseverance necessary to solve the unique needs of our clients and talent. The Medix family might span across the country, but our team is tightly united around our core purpose, core values and our mission to provide superior service to our customers.

Core Purpose

Medix is committed to fulfilling our core purpose as an organization, which is to positively impact the lives of our talent, clients, internal team and communities through employment, philanthropy and creating opportunity. We achieve this by:

  • Ensuring our talent is placed in opportunities fitting of their skills, traits and aspirations to maximize their potential.
  • Partnering with our clients to understand their organizational goals and providing workforce solutions that poise their teams for success.
  • Providing a purpose-driven environment for teammates to grow their careers.
  • Giving back through philanthropy to strengthen the communities we serve.

Core Values

As we have evolved as an organization, we have uncovered four values that are the essence of who we are, set us apart and guide us towards our Core Purpose of positively impacting lives.

Desire to Serve Others

To truly provide value to our talent and clients, we must possess a distinct desire to serve them. Our industry should not be merely about filling vacant positions with anonymous faces; it is about caring for our clients and talent, understanding their goals, pinpointing their challenges, committing ourselves to solving their problems and putting them in positions to achieve success.

Willing to do What Others Won’t

To differentiate ourselves as both professionals and an organization, we need to be willing to do what others will not. We must be willing to make personal sacrifices and exhaust extensive time, energy and resources to grow as a company and ensure we are an organization that our clients and talent can count on for exceptional service they won’t find anywhere else.

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Whether it is finding the ideal candidate with a niche set of skills and training, or providing workforce solutions for a large project on a short timeline, there is no shortage of challenges, both personal and professional, in the industry. The key is perseverance. What separates Medix is no matter the challenge, we will always continue to push forward and devote ourselves to never giving up.

Locking Arms to Achieve Goals

Our last core value centers around our commitment to each other and the entire Medix team. The success of others is more important than our own individual success. We must commit ourselves to making sure Medix is a place that we will be surrounded by people who will push us and assist us in achieving our goals individually, as well as our goals as an organization.

Social Responsibility

It is through the partnerships and support from you, our valued talent and clients, that Medix has the ability to cultivate our core purpose of positively impacting lives and make a difference in our communities as well.

Diversity & Inclusion

Truly embracing our core purpose to positively impact individuals and teams means embodying a commitment to equal opportunity and diversity. Medix’s policy is to provide equal opportunity in employment regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, religion or physical or mental disability. Medix desires to cultivate a team consisting of various cultures and backgrounds who reflect the workforce and customers we are dedicated to serving.

Medix Women in Leadership

Medix is committed to creating opportunity and positively impacting every individual. The organization proudly sponsors the Medix Women in Leadership Committee as a way to empower female teammates, bolster inclusion and strengthen the whole team. Medix Women in Leadership provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, network, and be a part of a supported community, while raising the visibility of high-performing women leaders in our organization through the four pillars:


Helping women succeed through learning and development opportunities that build strengths.


Unleashing motivation through mentorship and sponsorship.


Broaden the social presence of women through their own talents, unique insights, life experiences and strengths.


Increase opportunities of high-performing women to advance within the organization.