Is there anything more grueling than the job search? Ask any job seeker, and he/she will probably say no. Between the endless waiting and instant blow of rejection, the job search is a difficult time for many. When going through tough times, it’s often said that maintaining a positive attitude toward the situation can carry you through – same goes for the job search! A positive attitude during the job search can not only help you emotionally, it can help your actual search, as hiring managers appreciate seeing confident candidates. Follow these tips to help build a positive attitude while job hunting:

Accept Rejection

Not every job is perfect for your skillset, and if you have been applying to many positions, you might be facing rejection. The job search can be a long process riddled with rejection, and if you let it bring you down, you won’t learn from the experience and do better the next time; you will just be worried about getting rejected again.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Avoid negativity like the plague! It will do you no good hanging around people who are constantly discussing bleak job outlooks and stories about this guy they know who was out of work for a year. Surround yourself with supportive people who want to lift you up.

Maintain a Routine

Don’t devote your whole day to only applying for jobs; you will burn out and get frustrated quickly. Maintain a normal routine and stay active. If you make room for things like exercising, visiting friends, spending time with family and even down time, your days will feel more balanced and less pressured.


There are many good reasons to volunteer during your job search. While volunteering, you can meet possible connections to job opportunities, bolster your resume by showing you stayed active and most importantly, it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Positively impacting somebody’s life is an uplifting feeling, so devote some time to a cause you care about.

During the job search, there are days where positive feelings might be few and far between, but if you follow these tips and work to stay optimistic, you will see the job search become smoother.