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Medix’s New Job Search Platform is Here to Transform Your Career! Mouse Clicks

You rely on Medix to help you find the perfect job, and we’re excited to unveil our new innovation to better serve you.

Aha! offers a unique way for job seekers to find meaningful work through Medix. Through Aha!’s exclusive assessments and tools, Medix can further alleviate job search stress and ambiguity by learning who you are beyond your resume and finding you the best jobs for your skills and goals.

Creating an Aha! profile is optional for talent who wish to work with Medix in a digital capacity. Medix still offers its proven, traditional service for all. However, should you wish you create an Aha! profile, you’ll receive additional tools to optimize your job search, such as:

Aha! offers…

  • Light BulbA detailed assessment of the layers of your personality, behaviors and key motivators so that you can learn more about yourself while aligning with meaningful work and the right opportunities.
  • Light BulbThe means for you to upload your resume and specify exactly what you’re looking for in a job – everything from commute time to hours to pay – directly into Medix’s database.
  • Light BulbAccess to Medix’s comprehensive job board.
  • Light BulbDirect, 24-hour access to your recruiter and timecards.

Visit www.ahaopportunity.com today to get started!