“Why do you want to work here?” is one of the all-time classic job interview questions. Unfortunately, it still has the power to throw job candidates for a loop. While there might be a lot of reasons why someone is interested in a particular job or organization, what exactly are interviewers looking for when asking this question?

Showing Interest and Excitement

This is a situation where the first response in a candidate’s head might not always be the best option. Even if the answer, “Honestly, I just need a job right now” might have some truth to it, employers generally want to hear a more thoughtful response. To get there, it’s important for job seekers to dig deeper than just the obvious elements of pay and perks. This will require some research to learn more about the organization and role beyond what’s listed on a job description. Is there something that connects to your career goals in the job responsibilities, company history or culture?
Beyond research, job seekers are also expected to show their excitement for the job opening when responding. How can you go beyond the skills and experiences listed on your resume to connect to this opportunity on a personal level?

Impact Podcast – Episode 23 

That’s why we’re welcoming Joy, a corporate recruiter in Medix’s Kansas City office, to the Impact Podcast! She shares her tips for responding to questions like, “Why do you want to work here?” that she’s developed through years of interviews with job candidates. Tune in today to get ready for your next interview!