In an office where you are in close proximity to numerous people for hours on end stressing out over work-related tasks, it can be easy for people to get on each others’ nerves from time to time. It is normal to experience the occasional annoyance in the workplace, but are you the cause of it? Don’t be “that guy” or gal in the office and follow our tips to avoid these annoying coworker offenses!

Don’t make a mess.

One surefire way to get on your coworkers’ nerves is by making a mess around the office. Does the clutter on your desk spill over onto the desk next to yours? Is the break room sink filled with your dirty dishes? Make sure you’re not being a pig and leaving messes for your coworkers to find.

Don’t be a slacker.

If you find yourself slacking while your coworkers are cranking away at work, expect them to be a little peeved. If you are consistently ducking out of work early or trailing in late, or perhaps checking your personal email a little bit too much during the day, your peers might notice and be irked that you are bringing down the office’s productivity level.

Don’t be noisy.

People are typically at work to work (shocking, we know), so make sure you don’t engage in behavior that can distract them from their work. One thing that can inhibit focused work is too much background noise. Keep the chatting to a minimum, wear headphones if you are listening to audio on your computer, etc. Be cognizant of those around you and accept that they might not want to listen in on that Excel webinar you’re participating in.

Be a team player.

Of course, it is normal to focus on your own role and tasks, but make sure you are not coming off as selfish and are a team player. Don’t ignore emails or blow off meetings and conversations with coworkers; make sure you are a responsive communicator. It’s understandable to want to complete your own initiatives, but make sure you are willing to help those around you when they need it. This is a team after all!

The workplace can be stressful, but make sure you aren’t adding to the stress with these pesky behaviors!