So you wake up each morning absolutely dreading getting out of bed.  The thought of sauntering into work and doing the same mundane tasks day after day has you wishing you never have to leave the warm sanctuary of your bed again.  If these sentiments are all too familiar to you, the problem might be that you are not able to reach your full potential in your current position. When we are stuck in a situation that does not allow us to reach our potential, it can take away any motivation we might have.  If you find yourself in this situation, here is some advice!

Give yourself some credit.

When we get into a routine of working “down” from our abilities, it can take a toll on our confidence.  When you become unsure of your abilities, it can make it even more difficult to pinpoint lack of fulfilling your potential as the culprit behind your unhappiness.  Take a hard look at what you are capable of and if that matches the impact you are making on the company.

Ask for more responsibility.

If there is room on your plate, then fill it up!  Take a look at your department or company and think of a task you would like to help out with where you think you could make a big impact.  It is best to have an idea of what you would like to work on instead of just going to your supervisor and demanding more work.  Having ideas of areas of the business you could positively influence shows your supervisor you are thinking of ways to not only advance yourself, but the company as well.

Ask for a new position.

Sometimes the position we are originally in does not ideally match our skills and aspirations.  As you grow with a company, it is natural to sometimes see a different area of the business where you might be a better fit.  Ask to shadow someone in a different department.  Open communication channels with your supervisor to see what openings there might be in the company.  You may be afraid of upsetting your direct supervisor, but if they are concerned for the overall wellbeing of the company, they will want to make sure you are in a position where you can make the greatest impact as well.

Know when to take a new path.

If you have already tried to grow in your own position and have considered adjusting your focus within the company, and still feel like you are not reaching your potential, it may be time to cut ties with the organization and take a different path.  Keep your eyes peeled for signs that you will not grow in a position or maximize your potential.  Not every company or position will be right for you, so don’t sell yourself short!