make your resume stand outEveryone wants a resume that stands out, but you need to go about it the right way. Pump the breaks on the crazy fonts, bright colors and intricate formats, and read the advice from Carrie, Medix’s Senior Corporate Recruiter, instead:
What format should my resume be in? Do I need a fancy template? 
“We live in a digital world, and fancy templates often times do not transfer into a company’s Applicant Tracking System. I would keep it clean and eye appealing by using bullets. However, I would be more creative with the resume if I were applying to positions with an artistic or innovative background – sell yourself in the format.”
How important is it to include metrics in my resume? 
“It really depends on your position and your amount of experience. For example, an experienced salesperson should absolutely include metrics in his/her resume, but must also remember to talk about how those metrics were obtained (Your actions to hit the goal). An entry level salesperson should sell their core values, work ethic, leadership and involvement, because metrics do not yet pertain to them.” 
Do I really need a cover letter? 
“In my opinion, you do not need a cover letter unless you are moving, changing careers or can make it short, sweet and specifically targeted to the company you are applying to for a position.”
My resume is longer than one page. Is that okay or do I need to start deleting lines? 
“It is 100 percent ok to have a longer resume, as most are no longer printed out. However, I would recommend you do not have a page break in the middle of highlighting one position. I would try to make sure the page break come after one position and before the next. That is always more visually appealing.”
Should I put color font on my resume? 
“Color fonts are not necessary for most resumes but if you are applying for a creative position, feel free to spice it up!”
Any other tips for making my resume stand out?
“Resumes are there to sell you. You need to remember that a resume is not just a list of job responsibilities, but is an overall selling document for you. You need to take the time to list achievements, involvement and demonstrated success.”
Thanks for your insight on creating a stand-out resume, Carrie!