questions to ask interviewersEvery interview ends with the interviewer asking you, “So do you have any questions for me?” Because this is asked toward the end, you might not think it’s an important piece of the interview, but how you conduct yourself actually can have a huge impact on the interviewer’s overall impression of you. We asked Carrie and Brandy, Medix Corporate Recruiters, their perspective and advice for asking questions during interviews:
Why is it so important to ask the interviewer questions? 
Carrie: “Asking the interviewer questions shows that you care about the opportunity, you prepared for the interview and you are engaged in learning more about what makes someone successful in the opportunity. I would advise asking questions that relate to the position as opposed to benefits and compensation questions on the first interview. Again, we want to see that you are excited about the opportunity and the company!”
Should I have questions ready for a phone interview? 
Carrie: “Yes! Phone interviews lead to the next step. Failure to prepare properly for a phone interview will result in a decline to move forward.”
What are some dos and don’ts to remember when asking questions?
Brandy: “My main dos to remember are:

  • Do ask what ‘a day in the life of’ this role looks like.
  • Do ask what skills are important or necessary to be successful in the role; then give examples of you displaying those skills in previous situations.
  • Do ask the interviewer what he/she has enjoyed most about working there, in what position he/she started and what his/her path was.
  • Do ask about challenges you will face in the role.

“Some don’ts you need to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t ask questions that you should already know the answers, meaning the information in the job description or easily accessible through basic research on the website.
  • Don’t ask about the gossip or negative reviews you may have read or heard; simply tailor your questions in a way that any concerns you may have will be addressed.
  • An initial interview really isn’t the right time to ask about compensation, benefits, etc. If the interviewer asks you about your expectations, then you can discuss it further.”

What is the best question a candidate has asked you?  
Carrie: “There have been some great questions, but one of my favorite questions to answer during a phone interview is about why I work here, what I did every day to be successful and what keeps me engaged with Medix. I think asking about someone’s experiences is a fantastic way to learn about the position.”
Brandy: “‘What sets Medix apart from the tons of other staffing companies out there? What competitive edge does Medix have?’”
Also, If you know who you are going to be interviewing with, try to do some research on them as well (i.e. connect with them on LinkedIn). Nothing is more impressive than when someone asks me something about my past and asks me about that experience! (‘I saw you went to KU, completed a sports team internship, have done both corporate and staffing recruiting. Which do you like best, etc.?’)”
Thank you, Carrie and Brandy!