holiday job search tipsThere are many misconceptions out there about job searching during the holiday season. In fact, many job seekers just put the search on the shelf for the entire month of December, because they believe it’s a waste of time! We talked to Carrie, Brandy and Sarah, Medix’s Corporate Recruiters, about the ins and outs of holiday job hunting. Here is what they had to say:

Is it true that nobody hires in December?

Carrie: “Some companies may slow down on bringing in people for interviews, but it does not mean that they are not hiring. Most companies find it difficult to get great talent around the holidays while they are actively searching for new members to join their team. You may have to wait until January to get in for an interview, but believe me, most are still in hiring mode!”

After I submit my application, how long should I wait to follow up since hiring managers might be in and out with holiday obligations?

Brandy: “My advice would be to make your move on following up the minute after you apply.  There is nothing to be gained by the agonizing waiting and wondering. Send the application; follow up to show your interest, and apply for the next opportunity. If they call, great! If they don’t, you’ll be fine, because you didn’t keep all your eggs in one basket.”

Everyone says the holidays are a great time for networking. Do you have an example of a holiday networking opportunity?

Sarah: “There are many holiday networking opportunities. Parties with extended family, neighbors, church, community groups, etc. are a wonderful time to catch up with those around you to find out what they are doing professionally. It’s usually a part of the conversation anyhow, so be sure to ask additional questions if you happen to speak with someone who has a career you are interested in learning more about. You could take it a step further and setup a follow up lunch or coffee date if you feel like it could be mutually beneficial.”

Job seekers – enjoy the holidays, but don’t forget you can still make an impact on your search this month!

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