revamp job search in 2015The New Year is full of new opportunities, and with unemployment rates at their lowest in over five years, many job seekers believe that this is the year they will find their dream placement. We asked Medix Senior Corporate Recruiter, Carrie, about the intricacies of looking for a job in 2015.
As many companies’ dress codes become more relaxed, what does dressing for success truly mean in 2015?
“Dressing for success in the business casual world can be challenging, because we often confuse ‘business casual’ with just plain ‘casual.’ Business casual involves looking well put together and ready for work. Your attire should simply resemble a scaled down version of stricter professional dress. ”
I hear a lot about informational interviews. Are they worth my and the hiring manager’s time?
“If a hiring manager is willing to bring you in for an informational interview, go for it! It is always worth your time to hear about a great company or opportunity.  Networking is the absolute best way to find a new career, and informational meetings can lead to something more in the future.”
I want to be a more memorable candidate during job interviews. What can I do to stand out in the best way possible?
“You would be surprised to learn how many candidates arrive unprepared for their interview. First off, you need to research the company and the position well. Furthermore, you need to be able to sell yourself and your strengths for the position. Standing out can truly be as simple as being prepared and letting your personality shine in the interview. Enjoy it!”
Is follow up from a candidate still important?
“Yes, we love to hear how the interviews go with our candidates.  Send a quick email to say ‘thank you’ and provide some insight on your interview.”
I have gotten rejected from a few jobs, and it’s tough. How do I bounce back?
“No one likes to be rejected, but we have all been there when applying for positions. Always remember that the only way to land a job is to keep trying to land a job. You have to continue working for it, and you have to stay positive. It may be hard, but our lives are what our thoughts make us. If we want to land that great career, we have to keep thinking we will!”
Any other dos or don’ts I should keep in mind?
“There is an entire list that I could write out here but I think the best thing to remember is to apply for roles that you are qualified for and to have a resume prepared to help you get that opportunity.  Targeting your job search is going to be that first step to landing your dream job!”
Thank you for your insight, Carrie! Are you planning on searching for a new position this year? Do you have any advice you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!