As job seekers in the year 2014, LinkedIn has moved beyond “something nice to use” to a necessary tool. Due to its importance, we asked Carrie, Medix’s corporate recruiter, some questions about how to make LinkedIn work efficiently during the job search.

How do you look for candidates on LinkedIn? 

“We use LinkedIn in some of the same ways as other job boards, like keyword searches. The other thing that is great about LinkedIn is that we can search people that work at specific companies, as well. This allows a recruiter to really have a more targeted approach to how they can reach out and talk to that passive job seeker.”

What do recruiters typically look at first when they visit somebody’s page? 

“We look for a visually appealing profile that highlights not only where they work, but what they have been able to accomplish in their roles. In a lot of ways, we look at profiles and resumes in the same way.”

What kind of information do you typically like to see on somebody’s page? 

“I love to see work history, as well as networking or group involvement. If people are active and engaged in their networks, we know that we may have found that person who plays it above the line!”

What are some LinkedIn deal-breakers?

“A deal-breaker for me is not having a professional page and leaving off parts of your history, like education and employment gaps.”

Any additional tips to help candidates’ profiles stand out?

“If you are active in your search, let us know. Highlight that in your overview/profile. If you are currently in a role, but know that you are ready for that next step, then I would recommend polishing up that profile. You can start by highlighting some of the things you currently do that are more in line with that position you hope to land in the future!”

LinkedIn is way more than just another social media site – it can open the door for future career opportunities!

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