How do you approach writing job descriptions? Who writes them? If you’re like most teams, HR typically owns this task. While HR is more than capable, oftentimes, they can be far too removed from your department and then resort to using an old job description or a template off the internet. Sure, this is a time-saver for you, but can negatively impact your hiring efforts.
Although you needed the position filled yesterday, make the time to write a clear and accurate job description.  
Why? A solid job description will attract more qualified, diverse and interested candidates! 


  • A clear description of your opening
  • An explanation of what it is like working there
  • Honesty!
  • If possible, pay-range  

Try to Avoid…

…long lists of strict requirements, such as:

  • Hard skills 
  • Educational background 
  • Years’ experience.

Having these hard lines can hinder your ability to attract the best candidates, as well as prevent a diverse talent pool. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the perfect person all because he or she has two or three fewer years of experience than you think you need for the opening. 

Instead, Shift Your Focus to…

  • Outcomes of the role
  • Your expectations
  • How the job aligns with business strategy 
  • What achievements are necessary.

This shift will lead to a more efficient and realistic approach to talent identification and engagement. By focusing on someone’s ability and soft skills instead of a long list of requirements, you avoid limited and homogeneous talent pools. Meaning, more applicants who can bring more perspective to the table to ultimately help you lead your team to more success. Win-win-win, right? 
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Ginna leads Medix’s Executive Search Practice. Through her 10 years of experience, she is a passionate advocate of the importance of soft skills in hiring, especially in leadership roles. To get in touch, you may reach her at