Depending on how you look at it, the summer months can be relaxing or jam-packed with activities for friends and family! In any case, it’s easy to put the job hunt on hold. However, as the school year approaches for the kiddos, the job search hunt must continue as well. Contrary to popular belief, there are lessons from grade school that will coincide with the job search! Study these lessons:

  1. Homework never goes away

As the school year begins again, the dreaded burden of homework does as well. During the job search, homework and research never subsides. Your role as a job seeker requires constant research on potential employers in order to have successful interviews and ensure it’s the right fit for you. Online sites, such as LinkedIn provide useful information on open roles, company cultures and key details about organizations. Use the internet to your advantage!

  1. Don’t bully others

Networks are friends, not food! Just as NO bullying is a golden rule in grade school, this also pertains to job searching. Even when the job search gets stressful, keep your composure with others! It’s imperative in job hunting to maintain professional relationships with all of your connections.

  1. Celebrate school supplies

Remember when getting new school supplies was like Christmas? Fresh notebooks, neat pencils and a super cool backpack surely sets any student up for success! How does this apply to job seekers? Well, having the right supplies will help staying organized a lot easier. When searching comes to a stand-still, treat yourself to some organizational goodies! Funky planners are a great way to get excited about organizing and new resume paper will force you to perfect it for every interview!

  1. Recess is Key

Although working hard to finish tasks and learning something new is what school is all about, recess help kids release energy and take a small break from the grind. Running around a playground for an hour may not be the type of recess job seekers want to embrace, but try exercising during the day or having lunch with a friend. It’s important to get a lot done during the day but breaks will help keep you fully focused!
The beginning of the school year is an exciting time for students and job seekers. Before jumping into the job search, make sure to take a few preparation steps! Do you have any grade school lessons that pertain to job searching? Feel free to share below:

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