Class is back in session! It’s that time of year again when students head back to school and engulf themselves in studies and extracurriculars (of all sorts), and the furthest thing from their mind might be the real world and nailing a job. Well, it shouldn’t be! There’s a ton you can do even from your dorm room to bolster yourself professionally as an ideal job candidate. Here’s how!

Explore your passions.

Make the most of your time in school to explore what things really interest and motivate you. Utilize elective courses to broaden your knowledge base and experiment with topics and areas of study to see if it sparks any passion or interest. Join clubs and try new things. Study abroad. Making the most of your time in school to find out who you truly are and what makes you tick will help you focus your career aspirations and bring energy and passion to your job search.

Take on leadership roles.

College is a great time to take on leadership roles within organizations on campus. Hey, you might not be the president of a company just yet, but running for president of your Greek organization, pre-law society or whatever group it might be is still a great opportunity to build your leadership skills and demonstrate you have the organization, drive and ability to do more than just follow.

Boost your resume.

It can be tough entering the real world after school and competing for jobs that suggest you have experience in a role prior. We don’t all have access to entry-level positions in our chosen field, but we can make the most of internship and volunteer opportunities while in school. Utilize internships to explore your field of interest to make sure it’s right for you and to get your foot in the door with some practical experience. Take advantage of volunteer opportunities to fill in gaps on your resume and show that you did more than just chill in your dorm room for four years while earning your degree. This will help you, and your resume, stand out.

Get connected.

Many schools try to set up opportunities for their students to network to make the transition out of school into a full-time job a bit easier. Don’t pass these up! Is your department head bringing in speakers who work in your field? Ask questions and get to know more about their experiences; you just might make a mentor in the process. Is your sorority throwing an alumni barbecue for Homecoming? You might find yourself talking to a sister who works at a company you’ve been dying to get your foot in the door at. Make the most of networking and alumni events during these college years; those relationships just might carry into your professional career.

Between your intramural volleyball games and studying for that rhetorical theory final, you might think there is no room in your schedule to work on building your credentials as a job candidate. But if you make the most of this time, we promise you will stand out amongst the masses and be one step closer to nailing that dream job!


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