Now that it’s the New Year, it’s time for new beginnings! What better way to celebrate new beginnings than to break some old bad habits? Sure, joining a gym and living a healthier lifestyle are great, but your career might need special attention this year, too.


Are you the last one arriving at a meeting? Are you perpetually late to work? No matter how you look at it, being late is never a good career move. Yes, there are times when it’s beyond your control, like traffic jams, car issues or alarms not going off, but if you’re a serial late-arriver, your boss has probably noticed, and he/she probably does not like it. In 2013, set your alarm five minutes earlier, prepare for meetings ahead of time and break that tardiness habit.

Poor Communication

Failing to respond to emails or forgetting to call back can be frustrating to your boss and coworkers. Sometimes poor communication can even hold up important projects and assignments, making it even more detrimental to your team. In 2013, put special emphasis on promptly responding to emails and returning calls; your team is sure to take notice and appreciate your extra effort.

Failing to Delegate

Do you feel spread too thin at work? If you do, chances are it’s because you do not ask for help. You’re not superman; you cannot expect to do everything yourself (your boss and team certainly don’t expect it either). In fact, not asking for help can hinder your performance. Your boss most likely would prefer you to focus on a few tasks and do them well, rather than a lot of tasks poorly. Remember, it’s more than okay to delegate tasks to your teammates if you feel overwhelmed, so don’t be shy in 2013.

Poor Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is very important in the work place. Poor attention to detail can make you seem lazy and unprofessional. Yes, mistakes happen, but there’s no excuse for consistent errors. Your boss wants an employee on whom he/she can rely. In 2013, cross your Ts and dot your Is, and your boss will love you for it!

Again, a new year means new beginnings, so break your bad work habits in 2013! Doing so can launch your career to the next level! Happy 2013!