job offer negotiationYou did it! You got the job offer! While it certainly is the time to be excited and celebrate, you also need to prepare yourself for the final stage of the job search before accepting the position – the salary negotiation. If your brain is facing the internal battle of, ‘I believe I’m worth this amount, but what if they rescind the offer because it’s too high?’, or you have other anxieties around negotiations, check out our advice below:

Do Your Research

First, know how much you are worth. This doesn’t necessarily mean your last salary; check out different salary sites to learn how much professionals with similar years of experience are making in your city or region. Also reach out to your mentor and network to see if they have solid information about what you should look for. 

Always be Enthusiastic and Confident 

During the negotiation process, make sure you stay enthusiastic about the offer and remain confident about your asking price. Your employer will be more willing to budge if he/she sees you’re excited. 

Check Your Emotions 

Salary negotiation is a business transaction, so you should check your pride, anxiety and other emotions at the door. Just stay professional, enthusiastic and confident.

Remember Other Benefits and Perks

If your salary number isn’t exactly where you’d like to see it, remember that there are other benefits to sweeten the deal. See if there are options for gym memberships, commute reimbursement, more PTO/vacation time, work-from-home days and other benefits. Things like this can more than make up for a slightly lower salary.

Salary negotiations can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience, but it’s certainly one hurdle you will be grateful you faced!

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