You go to work and it’s dark.  You leave work and it’s dark.  It’s cold, it’s dreary, and you would give your left pinkie to be back in bed under the covers.  Indeed, winter can be a gloomy time of year.  Don’t let a bad case of the winter blues spoil your mood and ruin your workday.  If you can’t beat winter, it’s best to join it.  Embrace the season and read below!

Decorate your cube.

It’s ironic how a season can be so sparkly and cheerful one minute and then so cold and dreary the next.  Inject a little seasonal flare into your digs at work, and it will be sure to brighten your mood.  Check with HR to see what’s acceptable, and put up a couple decorations.  A little garland and some twinkly lights might just make you forget the subzero temperatures outside.

Cold Weather + Hot Beverages = Good Times

Embrace the cold weather and warm up with some feel-good drinks, such as your favorite tea or coffee.  Treat yourself with a Starbucks trip; you know you can’t resist their seasonal peppermint mocha!  Or bring out your inner kid with a cup of hot chocolate; the more marshmallows the better!

Indulge in holiday treats.

You know what will make you forget all about the morning traffic jam, how you slipped and fell on the ice, and dropped your briefcase in a snow drift? Office pot luck day.  The holiday season presents an opportune time to indulge in some seasonal goodies.  Whether it is organizing an office potluck, or bringing in a batch of Christmas cookies for the break room, treating yourself and your colleagues to some holiday snacks will brighten up the workday.

Make the most of your time off the clock.

This time of the year, many people take time off to spend the holidays with friends and family.  That’s a huge bonus for the season, isn’t it?  Make sure to thoroughly enjoy your time away from the office, and perhaps you will find a new appreciation for winter!