The job hunt is time intensive. In fact, it can feel like a full-time job itself! You’re spending a lot of time making sure you look good on paper, but do you know how you look on the Web?

Hiring managers and recruiters have been known to Google search job candidates to assess their online presence, so take a break from that mountain of cover letters, and do these quick and simple things to polish your personal brand online:

1. Google yourself: Before you begin going through your social media profiles, Google search yourself to see what others see. This will help your determine what you need to focus on first.
2. Use the same profile picture: Different clothes and different haircuts in different profile pictures can confuse hiring managers trying to search for you online, especially if you have a common name. Keep your profile picture consistent across all your professional profiles so you are easier to recognize.
3. Use vanity links: What looks more professional to you? www.linkedin/in/john.doe or www.linkedin/profile/view?id=012479&locale=enUS&laksd? It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to customize your social media profile links and to show you’re tech savvy.
4. Connect your social media sites: You can add your LinkedIn profile link to your Twitter profile and visa versa. Facebook has ways to add links to your other social media pages, too. Take advantage of these features to make it easier for hiring managers to navigate through your pages.
5. Keep a consistent color: Some industries allow job seekers to stand out by using color on their resumes. If you use color on your resume and business cards, consider using that same color on your blog and other sites, too.
6. Tweet industry related stories: Take a few minutes a day to retweet and comment about industry-related stories. It’s a quick way to show knowledge and interest in your field.
7. Ask for LinkedIn recommendations: You can say all you want about your experience and qualifications, but what do others say about you? That’s why some hiring managers mainly focus on your recommendations when reviewing your LinkedIn profile. Sending a recommendation request only takes a minute, and it can make a big difference.
8. Build up your bio: Take the time to write more about yourself on your blog, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Facebook bios. Again, hiring managers looking at your profile want to learn more about you, and you have the ability to highlight your uniqueness through your bio.
9. Add a touch of personality: You’re more than just work experience and knowledge about your industry. Post that skydiving picture on Facebook, and tweet that article about your favorite musician! Hiring managers want to hire actual people, not robots.
10. Clean it up: We’ve saved the most important step for last – Keep your profiles clean! Watch out for spelling and grammar errors, and more importantly, avoid inappropriate posts and suggestive pictures at all costs! If any exist online, untag yourself and delete them immediately.

If you follow these steps, the next hiring manager who Google searches you will see your most professional and impressive side. Don’t let social media hurt the pursuit of your dream job; let it help you.


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