Finding a new job can feel like climbing a mountain. Staring up at the summit from the bottom, the idea of finding your way to the top might seem absurd at first. Yet, as you start taking small steps towards the peak, that big, bad goal feels more and more attainable. Then, one day, you’ve suddenly made it!

The same is true as you embark on the journey towards a new career opportunity. Staring at a to-do list that’s a mile long with items like, “write a new resume” and “book 5 job interviews” can be downright intimidating. While you might not be able to get there in a single day, breaking things down into more manageable pieces can boost your job search by giving you little wins every day. 

Jump start your job hunt today in less time than it takes to cook a frozen pizza! Here are 10 ways to boost your job search in 10 minutes or less: 

Share an Article on LinkedIn

LinkedIn works best as a job search tool when you’re an active user. Rather than just letting your profile gather dust, join the conversation by sharing articles relevant to your career goals on your profile! Not only will the research keep you attuned to the current state of your industry of choice, but it can also spur constructive conversations within your network.  

Update Your Professional Photo

While just having a photo can make you 14 times more likely to be viewed by others on LinkedIn, a professional looking photo come in handy in a wide variety of situations during the job search. Thanks to the high-quality cameras now built into most smartphones, taking one doesn’t have to be a hassle, either! Just to be sure to dress the part, choose a neutral background and keep the focus on your face. 

Reach Out to Someone in Your Professional Network

While social media is a great way to stay in touch, there’s a whole world out there beyond screens! Reach out to someone in your professional network – a former coworker, boss, mentor, you name it – a set a date for coffee or lunch. You never know what you might learn or where a conversation with an acquaintance might lead your career! 

Google Yourself

When’s the last time you plugged your name into a search engine? Even if you haven’t done so recently, you can bet that employers are! Take a peek at the results to get a better idea of what your online presence looks like to the world. 

Sign Up for a Webinar

You might not be working right now, but that’s no reason you can’t continue to improve as a job candidate! Consider signing up for a webinar relevant to your career aspirations. Whether you pick up tips for finding a job or learn about something new specific to your industry of focus, employers appreciate seeing continuous learning during the hiring process. 

Follow an Industry Leader

Thought leaders can act as windows into the current state of the job market, as well as guides to what might be next. Following an industry leader relevant to your interests takes seconds, and the information they share can be valuable as your search for new job opportunities and prepare what you’ll talk about on interview day. 

Practice Your Response to a Common Interview Question

While every interview is different, it doesn’t hurt to be ready with responses to some of the most common job interview questions. Take a few minutes to practice how you’ll answer a question every day, rather than cramming the night before a stressful interview! 

Buy a New Piece of Professional Clothing

There’s just something to that old phrase: Look good, feel good. Treat yourself to a new piece addition to your wardrobe and boost your confidence before meeting that next employer. 

Clean Out Your Inbox (and Spam!) 

After applying to so many job opportunities, it’s only natural to lose track of a few. Get ahead of the confusion by maintaining a clean, up-to-date email inbox. This will allow you to respond to outreach from employers quicker, and avoid accidental deletes. While you’re at it, take a peek at that pesky spam folder; you never know what might get caught in there! 

Pick Up a Box of Thank You Cards

If a “thank you” goes a long way on the path to a new job, and handwritten one goes even further! Plan ahead by buying a box of professional thank you cards and a nice pen. Then, when you’ve finished your next interview or other meeting, you’ll be ready with a follow-up that will feel personal, thoughtful and memorable. 

Do you have any ways to boost your job search in 10 minutes or less to add to our list? Let’s hear your micro-wins in the comment section below!