It’s high time we all start finding ways to be happier and healthier at work, because let’s face it; we all spend a lot of time and energy devoted to our employer. If we aren’t happy and healthy at the place we spend the majority of our time, how can we expect to feel that way after we punch the clock and head home?

Let’s all commit to being happier and healthier this year by following any one (or more) of these 15 workplace wellness ideas!

Focus on What You Can Control

Unless you’re the CEO, there’s a lot you won’t be able to control at work. Resist the urge to travel down the rabbit hole of why’s (“Why can’t we work 9-5?” “Why can’t we wear sandals to work?” “Why can’t we have an endless supply of soda in the fridge?”) and instead focus your energy and efforts on the things within your control.

Pack Lunches

It’s so easy to fall into the habit of eating out for lunch. It’s quick, but it’s almost never healthy and it gets expensive after a while. Commit to packing your lunch more often to reduce cost and focus on being a healthier version of you.

Organize/Declutter Your Workspace

Give yourself the joy and happiness of a clean and decluttered workspace! That means no more time stressing over where you put that important document or fretting over the coffee you spilled on your computer because your workspace was cluttered.

Say No

Learn to say no to things that don’t make you happy. If you’re already drowning in your to-do list, don’t commit to another project or deadline. The added stress of yet another task to accomplish is not worth the risk of being unhappy and unhealthy.

Say Yes

Wait, didn’t I just tell you to say no above this? Yes, you should learn to say no to things that don’t make you happy, but you should also say yes to things that push you out of your comfort zone. Say yes to joining the office softball league, say yes to the 5K run your coworkers are participating in and say yes to projects that push you outside your box.


60 percent of the human body is water, so it should come as no surprise that it’s important to hydrate! It’s so easy to get distracted at work and neglect our body of its’ basic need, but ensuring you get enough H2O in a day is crucial to health and happiness.

Get A Desk Plant

I have a coworker who got a desk plant; she named it Chandler. Aside from the joy that this sweet little succulent brings to the day, plants have been shown to boost creativity, reduce stress and improve the overall indoor air quality. That sounds pretty happy and healthy to me!


Sure, we all love a little recognition and reward from our boss for a job well done, but you don’t need to wait around for that. Instead of hoping that your manager will read your mind and reward you with that new pair of earrings you’ve been eyeing, treat yourself! You worked your butt off and earned it, so go for it.

Go For a Walk

Walk a longer route to a meeting, take the stairs or go for a stroll during lunch to clear your mind and get active. Basically, just step your way to a happier and healthier self.

Help Someone

There are few better feelings than the feeling of lending a helping hand to someone in need. Offer to cover a coworker’s shift, assist with your colleague’s never ending to-do list and put yourself out there to be helpful to those who need it.

Pick Up the Phone

Can you imagine how much more quickly we could all get through our task lists if we just talked directly and stopped relying on written communication? It’s so simple to get caught up in the email rat race, but save yourself time and frustration by picking up the phone!

Take PTO

I shouldn’t have to tell you to take the time off you have saved up, and yet sometimes it’s just easier not to take vacation because the work that will be waiting for your return doesn’t seem worth it. Repeat after me – take the vacation!

Start a Gratitude Journal

There’s a reason that writing down goals helps people to achieve them! Take that idea in a different direction and write down your gratitude instead. Spending time each day to think of three things you’re grateful for at work could help change your perspective.

Make Your Workspace Personal

Hang up photos of your kids, your dog or your pet iguana. Whatever makes you happy, put it in your workspace!

Stand Up for Yourself

There is no one in this world who is going to have your back more than you, so stand up for yourself when you need to. Plead your case for that well-deserved raise, show your boss why you should run that special project and don’t let anyone step on you along the way.

Bonus: Print this list and hang it at your desk to remind yourself that life is too short to spend time being unhappy!

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