Let’s face it, everybody has quirks! When you throw all us quirky people into one office for eight hours of the day, annoyances are going to surface. A level of professionalism is always expected at work, so dealing with these office annoyances is a little trickier. Here are some tips to help you deal common issues we face at work:
The Messy Teammate
You would think an office full of adults would be tidy and organized, but oftentimes, that not a reality. Kitchens, bathrooms, storage spaces, conference rooms – these areas can easily be neglected by busy teammates forgetting coffee mugs, leaving trash and simply not cleaning up after themselves. If it’s a onetime offense, just take the high road and clean up. If it’s chronic, it might be time to politely speak to that teammate or an office leader about making a change.
The Loud Coworker
Some people just have louder voices than others, but that’s not an excuse for a teammate to be disruptive. Headphones do wonders, but if it’s still too much for you, it’s appropriate to have a polite conversation with your loud coworker. If the issue persists, it might be time to ask your manager to move locations within the office.
The Bully
Workplace bullies are an unfortunate reality a number of people face. Actions for dealing with this range anywhere from documenting incidents to changing jobs. Although there are levels of severity with bullying, it should never be tolerated. Since this is such an important subject, we recently detailed advice on how to deal with workplace bullies; click here to read that post.
The Political Commentator
With the election in full swing, politics are on almost everybody’s mind. However, political talk is not completely appropriate in the workplace. Yes, it’s ok to talk about it to your office buddy, but sharing your opinions with anybody who will listen is not ok. Because that’s exactly it – it’s your opinion. Everybody has a unique opinion and perspective. If your coworker is permanently on his/her soapbox about a candidate, it might be time to talk to his/her supervisor. Politics is a sensitive subject that cultivates a lot of passion, so talking to your coworker directly might lead to a more intense conversation than you were hoping for.
The Moody Colleague
Not everybody is going to be happy all the time at work, but that colleague who is perpetually up and then down and then up again might be getting old. The days when he/she is down, turn to headphones or simply avoid the person. If it’s turning into a larger problem, talking to HR or a supervisor may be necessary.
Bonus: Temperature Wars
“I’m hot.” “Well, I’m cold!” Finding the right office temperature for everybody is impossible! But what you can control is yourself. If you’re a person who is typically cold, have a sweater, blazer or jacket handy. If you’re always hot, buy a little desk fan. If it’s a bigger issue than those simple fixes, as your supervisor if you can move desks closer or away from vents. If there is a general consensus that the office is too hot/cold, it’s time to talk to the maintenance worker about fixing the temperature.
Working in an office will never always be smooth sailing, but a professional attitude will help you navigate common workplace annoyances.
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