After what might have seemed like an eternity spent emailing, calling and applying, job interview day is finally here! By now, you should be pretty prepared; you’ve done your company research, know your updated resume like the back of your hand and you’re dressed to impress. Sure, you might be a little nervous, but you listened to your favorite pump-up song before entering the office and now you’re in the zone…

…until you’re asked to, “please be seated and wait in the lobby until the hiring team is ready for you.” Talk about a mood killer! Watching the clock and waiting to hear your name be called can feel like forever if all you’re doing is silently stressing out. Instead, consider this five things to do in the lobby moments before your next job interview:

Strike Up a Conversation

Everything you do and say on interview day can send a message that forms people’s first impression of you – including choosing not to strike up conversations with others. While you might be laser focused on your upcoming conversation with a hiring manager, consider that you can also learn a lot from everyone else in the office! From the receptionist to the CEO and everyone in between, don’t brush off the opportunity to learn more about your potential future workplace through pleasant conversation.

Avoid Social Media

Scrolling through your social media accounts might be a force of habit at this point, but it’s important to keep it all out of sight, out of mind in the moments leading up to a job interview. Not only can mindless scrolling kill your focus and send you down a social rabbit hole, but posting a status, photo or other update from the interview location is a serious faux paus (after all, your interviewer might look through your accounts following your discussion!) This could be the perfect opportunity to take a second to power down your phone.

Readiness Review

It never hurts to double check! Run through your interview day checklist and make sure your paperwork is all in order. Now is a great time to review potential interview questions in your head and formulate your ideal responses, tying in concrete examples from your application materials. If you have a paper and pen at the ready, consider jotting down a few questions to ask the job interviewer if the opportunity arises (and it should!)

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Take a minute to take it all in. What feeling does the office environment give off? How do employees at this company seem to be interacting with one another? Where might your work station be located? You can learn a lot by observing your surroundings before your appointment time – it might even inspire new questions for you to ask in the interview room! Getting a feel for the company culture and if it’s the right fit for you is just as important as presenting the best version of yourself, so take a moment to note your surroundings closely.

Positive Power-up

If nothing else, take these precious remaining moments to positively visualize the experience that lies ahead of you. Instead of thinking of all of the ways you could fail, embrace a mental image of success! Visualizing every step of the process – from the perfect, welcoming handshake to nailing tough questions with ease – will not only help to pass the time, but it can give you a last-minute boost of confidence, too.

You’ve come too far to let a silly mistake rattle your confidence moments before your job interview. Instead of wasting time worrying, consider these five ways to make your time work for you if you’re stuck in the lobby. How do you prepare while you’re waiting for a job interview? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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