It’s safe to say that we’re all feeling a little isolated as of late, and plenty of employees across the nation are struggling to adjust to a new norm of working remotely. Time and time again, telecommuting has been shown to boost employee morale and engagement, so imagine the irony in writing a blog post about ways to keep those same remote employees engaged! 

In theory, working remotely sounds amazing. You just roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and get to work, right? In reality, this working arrangement can take a toll, leading to loneliness, feelings of dissatisfaction and a lack of camaraderie. 

If this sounds familiar to you, never fear! Below are five ways leaders can keep remote employees engaged.

Time Management Training

Don’t assume your remote employees know how to work remotely. Give them time management training, and help them learn to navigate their new normal.

Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings

I know, who needs more meetings on the calendar, right?! But meetings are especially important for remote employees because it ensures they remain connected, and provides quick, efficient and effective communication. Keep them short and always make sure to lay out clear meeting objectives beforehand. 

Get Visual

Speaking of meetings, turn those cameras on! Nothing makes remote employees feel more included than seeing their friends and teammates face to face. Utilize tools like FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Zoom to video chat your way to happier, more engaged employees. 

You Better Recognize

Out of sight, out of mind sets in fast. You can understand how easy it can be to fail to recognize remote employees for a job well done. A handwritten thank you, a personalized gift or even a small budget for a home office upgrade are all excellent ways to show you care when a remote employee is doing exceptional work.

Avoid Burnout

Employees who work remotely can sometimes struggle with separating work from home. As a result, it’s easy for these employees to get caught up working well before and long after traditional working hours. This can be mentally taxing for even the best employee, and eventually leads to burnout. Encourage your remote employees to get outside for a walk during the day, use PTO when needed and to always put their mental health first – regardless of workplace setting. 

Managing a remote team across the country might sound challenging, but with these easy tips you can successfully lead a team of happy, and engaged remote employees. 

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