Everybody wants to work in a great workplace with a positive environment. However, many believe these things come from the top down. Yes, policies and leadership culture set the groundwork, but it’s up to the team to build from this base and shape it. Regardless of your job title, there are six little things you can do to foster a positive workplace:
Greet Everybody
A simple smile and “Good morning!” is enough to set the new day on a positive foot. Greet everybody you come across on your way to your desk, the coffee maker and anywhere in between. Smiles are contagious, so your cheerful ‘good morning’ may truly turn it into a good morning for your teammates!
Tidy Up
A clean workplace is a happy workplace. Pick up after yourself in communal areas, like the kitchen, breakroom or conference room. Also, consider picking up after others (if you’re not a germophobe). If you see a mountain of coffee mugs in the sink or waste sitting on a table, go ahead and take care of it for your teammates. Trust me, they will love you for it!
Quit Spreading Gossip
Office gossip runs rampant among many workplaces and leaves negativity and hurt feelings in its wake. In your office, let the gossip stop with you. Next time somebody shares the latest watercooler story, don’t share it with your other office friends. Keep it to yourself and break the gossip train.
Stick to Constructive Complaints Only
It’s important to note that not *all* complaining is bad. If there is something truly going wrong at work that needs to be talked about and can be fixed, it’s ok to complain constructively. Go to a manager; talk about your issue, and offer a solution (if you can). Complaining just to complain only brings up hard feelings. Change your perspective on complaining, and avoid it when you’re not seeking solutions.
Assist Other Teams
If another team is swamped, and your workload is manageable, offer to take something off their plates. Lending a helping hand to other teams builds trust, camaraderie and even friendship! Plus, one day when you’re in a bind, you’ll have people willing to help you out in return.
Share Recognition
Always recognize other teammates, even if it’s for something little, like helping you carry a stack of papers to your desk. Fortunately, recognition is also contagious, so you’ll be starting this ripple of positivity throughout your workplace.
Regardless of your title or department within your organization, you can contribute to a positive workplace very easily! Remember these six tips, and watch your office take the turn for the good!

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