Fun fact – today is Lemon Juice Day! This fun holiday is recognized every year on August 29, and unlike many of the other random celebratory dates on the calendar, this one doesn’t get the attention and recognition it so rightfully deserves. I can’t speak for you, but I love lemons! They’re the perfect blend of sweet and sour, a delightful addition to every beverage on earth and they make so many tasty desserts!

At some point during your career, life will hand you lemons, and it’s up to you to choose how to handle the situation and to decide what to create with your newfound abundance of flavorful fruit. In honor of today’s bittersweet fruit celebration, let’s explore six ways to be better, not bitter, in the workplace. 

Accept Accountability

As much as we all hope our hands won’t be involved in any issues that arise in the company, at some point you will have played a part in something that goes wrong. Whether it’s a misworded email, a production or design flaw, or a simple miscommunication, trust me – it will happen. Be better, not bitter, by accepting your role in the wrongdoing. Apologize, learn from your mistake and make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time is important in many facets of business. Don’t just have a plan A and a plan B, take the time to think about the multiple, different hurdles that could arise and have a backup plan to overcome each. The end result is more likely to be a successfully completed project and not a derailed disaster. 

Embrace Change

Things changing is as inevitable as life handing you lemons. Your organization might change a process, implement a new software, mix up teams – the list of potential adjustments goes on and on. Don’t shy away from all the chaos of change; embrace it! Sure, change can be scary, but be better, not bitter, by accepting it and moving on quickly to the next challenge. 

Ask for Help

There will come a time in your career that you will need help. Ask for it! The only way to get better is to ask for support when you need it. Be better, not bitter, by having the courage to being open to guidance and mentorship when you need it. 

Be Realistic

Being realistic with yourself and others is always a good idea, especially when it comes to the workplace. Don’t commit to a project if you simply don’t have the bandwidth. Don’t promise a report by the end of the day if you’re already drowning in you to-do list. Instead, be better, not bitter, by being realistic with yourself and others, and setting proper expectations. 

Do Good

If all else fails, just go do good in this world. There’s no better method to be better, not bitter, than discovering a small selfless act to improve someone else’s day. Give back, volunteer, donate, pay it forward, google random acts of kindness – whatever it is, just do good for someone else and then marvel at how great you feel!

I hope you found a few ‘sweet’ tips to help you be better, not bitter, in the workplace. Have your own lemons to turn into lemonade? Grab a glass and join the discussion in the comments below! 

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