Ah, the first day of summer.  Summertime is often found synonymous with such notions as pool days, curling up in a hammock with a good book, and lazy naps nursing sunburns.  In reality however, summer means a time when many people enter a temporary position to rake in the money for the season.  “Summer jobs” are often times associated with begging people to let you mow their lawns or serving hot dogs at a vendor in the mall, but YOUR summer job could have a bit more substance than that!  This summer, make it your goal to find a job that helps you advance or launch your career.  While you might get a great tan as a life guard at the public pool, an internship or temporary position in your industry of choice has benefits that will reach far beyond when your summer tan fades.

Temporary jobs aren’t just for college kids on summer break, either.  If you are an employee in between jobs or looking for a new direction in your career, summertime is the perfect occasion for testing out temporary positions and seeing how they can actually benefit your long term career!   Here are some of the many benefits of temporary positions:

Temporary positions allow you to test the  waters.

There is a reason that many people prefer test driving a  car before they buy it.  How else can you truly assess the car unless you have  “experienced” it first hand?  In a less material way, the same goes for  employment.  Many of us have a good idea of what field we think interests us or  what position would be the most gratifying, but it is hard to know for sure  until you are surrounded by the ins and outs of the industry.  What better way  to test a profession before investing an entire career into it than exploring  what it has to offer with internships or temporary positions.  You may know that  you love the finance side of business, but perhaps you don’t know if you’d  prefer the billing or collecting side of things (or both)?  A temporary position  would give you exposure to your desired field to see if it is truly right for  you.

Temporary positions can work with many different  schedules.

Is a 9-5 simply not feasible for you?  Do you have  obligations three months from now, like going back to school, but in the present you are in need of work?   Considering assistance through a temporary staffing agency might be your  lifesaver.  Staffing agencies have access to and knowledge of a breadth of  opportunities and positions clients need filled.  If you are only looking for a  few months of work, perhaps a temp agency can help match you with a client where  a position is temporarily vacant due to a maternity leave or the like.   Employment agencies are very skilled in not only matching you with positions  that fit your skills and interest, but your needs and schedule as  well.

Temporary positions can help you gain  experience.

If you are having a tough time nailing your dream  position, perhaps you do not have enough related experience in the field.   Temporary positions and internships are the perfect way to enhance your resume  while in between jobs, build industry references for you to use on your job  search, and gain the experience and knowledge it takes to get you to the top!

Your “lazy summer days” are no more!  Try exploring the benefits of temporary positions, and you will never look at a “summer job” the same way again!