dont say this during an interviewThe goal of your job interview is to show the hiring manager you are the right person for the job. Thus, you thought through common interview questions, researched the company inside-out and are dressed to impress. However, slipping up and saying something silly can derail the interview, making your hard work and preparation meaningless. Avoid saying these things at all costs:
Bash Former Employers
Never bad-mouth an old boss or company. It’s highly unprofessional and will only make YOU look bad, not your former employer. Not to mention, it might give the interviewer the wrong idea of why you are no longer employed there. 
Want to know what is the quickest way to make yourself look unprofessional? Swear during a job interview.
“This One Time at a Bar…”
Leave inappropriate chit chat out of the interview. Yes, conversation is a key part in building a connection and becoming memorable, but make sure you’re talking about things that will help you get hired, not making the interviewer scratch his/her head. 
Buzzwords and Clichés 
You’re a unique person with unique skills and experience, and your mission is to convey this during a job interview. Clichés and buzzwords will only stifle you, so avoid them at all costs. 
Never lie to a hiring manager. One way or another, he/she will find out, and that will be very bad for your candidacy or employment. 
“I Don’t Have Any Questions.”
Always have questions ready when the hiring manager opens the floor. Not having questions will make you seem disengaged and uninterested in the position.
Sound Unprepared 
On the same note, when the interviewer asks for your questions, ask only intelligent questions that you would not be able to answer by reading the company’s site. If you ask, “What do you do here?”, the interviewer will think you just showed up without knowing a thing. 
“When Do I Start?”
While you’re asking your interviewer questions, don’t ask anything that sounds like you’re expecting the job offer. It’s great you have confidence, but assumptions just come off as arrogant. It simply will rub the interviewer the wrong way.
Your interview is your time to shine, so don’t say these things and tarnish your candidacy.
Is there something else job seekers should avoid saying during an interview? Share with a comment!