At this point in the winter season, the holiday cheer has passed and left us with cold weather, long commutes, busy schedules and a pining for summer days. It’s nearly impossible to focus on quality work in the deep depths of a cold winter. According to Psychology Today, an estimated 10 million Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (also called SAD), which is a form of depression where people experience depressive episodes during specific times of the year. That’s outrageous! Don’t be SAD, here’s how to fight those winter blues:

  1. Book a brighter conference room – Working in brighter spaces will keep you alert and awake throughout the day! If you’re always stuck in the same spot throughout the day, don’t be afraid to switch up work spaces.
  2. Take a time out from social media – Instead of checking Instagram or Facebook on breaks, invest that time to focus on yourself! Check a task off of your to-do list, read a motivational book or find a brain-teasing game. Earlier this week, instead of binge watching Netflix, I took my car to get an oil change it and it felt great to knock that off of my priority list!
  3. Use vacation days – If you dread Mondays, it doesn’t hurt to take a long weekend in the winter! We all deserve some R&R every once in a while. You’ll return to work with a fresh mind, healthy body and motivation to be productive!
  4. Eat your veggies – The flu is spreading like crazy this year! Stay healthy and happy this winter by having a balanced diet. You’ll fight off diseases and feel great about yourself.
  5. Walk to get lunch – Get some fresh air by walking to a new lunch spot! Even if it’s cold and dreary outside, the fresh air and short break will help the day move quicker.
  6. Splurge – If you’re feeling weighed down by winter and work, it’s time to treat yourself! Pick up a peppermint mocha from your favorite coffee shop, order a new shirt online or go out to dinner with some friends. Spending time and a little money on yourself every now and then will surely put you in good spirits!
  7. Embrace outdoor activities – During the work week, sometimes both legs of our commute are in the darkness. On weekends, go outside and enjoy the sunshine, even if it’s cold out! Your body will appreciate the supply of Vitamin D.
  8. Exercise – Cliché as it is, staying active releases endorphins, and endorphins trigger positive feelings! If you’re sensing the winter blues at work, throw some physical activity into your routine to ward off feelings of anxiety and depression.
  9. Dress to impress – Take the time and effort to plan a killer outfit during the week. Practical clothing that can stand the snow and look great can be difficult to find! During the winter season, sport your favorite sweater or try a new blazer. You’ll radiate self-respect, confidence and even focus more on your work! Check out some tips on how to dress to impress in the business world.

Don’t be bogged down by SAD feelings this year. It’s all about finding ways to get through the winter without feeling too blue! If you have a unique way to stay in good spirits throughout the winter season, please share below: