thinking about job offerResumes, cover letters, phone interviews, in-person interviews, thank you notes, follow ups – this long, grueling process finally paid off. You got a job offer! If it’s a position you’ve been eyeing for a while or you have been unemployed for an extensive period, it will be hard to step on the brakes for a moment to think. Trust us, it’s necessary to pause! Don’t let excitement take over and accept right away; there are things to consider before you jump:
Take a hard look at the offered compensation – not just the salary, but the whole picture. Yes, you want fair pay, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Is PTO in line with your expectations? Will the health benefits meet your needs? Is there flex time or opportunity to work from home? Determine what would be nice to have and what you cannot live without. If your expectations and needs are met, great! If not, try to negotiate. Even though the job market is still rocky, you don’t want to put yourself in a tough spot by accepting a job that won’t support your needs.
Culture and Values Fit 
Culture and values fit is a much bigger deal than people realize! Between extensively researching the company and interviewing, you should have a pretty good idea by now of what the team values, the culture and how you would fit into the picture. For example, work-life balance – if the team values working a lot of overtime to accomplish goals, but you want a 40-hour week, you will not be satisfied in the job. Furthermore, think about if you really will like your potential boss and teammates, as this plays a huge role, too. Sacrificing your goals, happiness or integrity for a job is definitely not worth it.
Professional Development and Opportunity
Finally, contemplate how this position will play into your career path. Will it utilize and grow your skills? How is it different from your previous job? Is there opportunity to advance? Will you actually be interested in the work? If you’re someone who wants to progress in your career, the last thing you want is a dead-end job. If you’re someone who values professional development, you want to work for a company that will build you up. Don’t overlook the job’s potential when deciding to accept the job offer. Your future self will thank you!
You’re not obligated to accept the job offer, so do yourself a huge favor and look at the offer from many different angles so you make the best decision.
Is there something else to consider before accepting a job? Share in a comment!

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