There are a few questions that are bound to come up during an interview, and it’s almost guaranteed interviewers will pull the “Why are you interested in this position?” card. On the surface, the answer to this question is a breeze – you love the work; the company culture looks great, and the money situation is ideal. However, there’s a lot more that goes into answering this question. Here are some tips on how to approach this question:

  1. Do Your Research

Interviewers will become uninterested if your response is entirely focused on yourself. Showing that you have researched the company will put you in a solid position every time. For example, responding with an answer that references the company’s most recent press release, blog post or media involvement will demonstrate knowledge and interest. On the flip side, only throwing out basic details will show a certain level of interest that anyone could come up with.

  1. Elevator Speech Remix

While sharing your knowledge about the organization is critical, employers also want to know why/how you will be the top performer, as well as get along with the team! Elevator speeches are a basic 30 second introduction exercise filled with personal facts about experience, skills, etc. When asked why you are interested in that position, try to make the spiel about yourself short and sweet, like an elevator speech. Touch on important points about the company, and think about how much you love the work, what skills and experience you have to align with this position and your professional goals.

  1. Rethink Reasons

When questioned about your interest level in the role, make sure to highlight the appropriate reasons. Employers don’t want to hear that you can’t wait to reap the benefits while providing zero information about how you will impact the company. Sure, the money, benefits and personal experience are what will matter in your future, but an interviewer will be interested in how you will affect the company in terms of performance and culture fit.

  1. Express Enthusiasm

Above all else, being enthusiastic about the opportunity to interview and about the position itself will spark interest in any interviewer. Employers look for candidates who are excited about their potential new role! Whatever job you are interviewing for, make sure to give off a positive attitude, not one that says, “I’m just here for the open role.”
Even though answering why you’re interested in a certain role may seem like a second nature response, it takes some thought and preparation! Don’t underestimate the power of a great answer to this tricky question! Have any advice on how to answer “Why are you interested in this position?” Feel free to share below: