phone interview tipsPhone screens/interviews are the first step in the long interviewing process with a company, so naturally, you want to ace this test. We asked Carrie, Medix’s Senior Corporate Recruiter, some questions to help you excel at phone interviewing. Check out what she had to say: 

How should I prepare for my phone interview?

“Phone interviews are like any other interviews. They give you an opportunity to showcase your talents to a potential employer, and that means you need to prepare as you would for any face-to-face interview. You need to research the company, the role and be ready to highlight your experience and strengths. You also need to make sure they see why you are a fit for their opportunity!”

What should I have in front of me? 

“You should have the career description pulled up in front of you and a copy of your resume. I would also make sure to have a pen and paper for any notes, and make sure to have some questions prepared for the interviewer.”

What if I can’t find a quiet spot to talk, because of work or a prior commitment? 

“It is always best to find a quiet spot, but if you are at work and have to step away, just let the recruiter know that up front. We will understand!”

How can I still convey my enthusiasm for the opportunity, despite the lack of nonverbal communication? 

“Your voice through a smile on your face! We can hear that excitement in your tone and in how charismatic you are when talking about your strengths for the role. Believe me, the nonverbal communication is always great during an in-person interview, but we can still get a good feel for your enthusiasm on the phone, too!” 

What type of information from my resume should I emphasize? 

“Your resume should highlight not only what you did in your past positions, but what you accomplished, as well. We need to understand what you brought to that role and why you were successful in it. We will specifically want to focus on the roles that are similar to the one you are interviewing for with our organization.”

Should I send a ‘thank you’ afterwards? 

“Yes! It is an interview, and a thank you email is always greatly appreciated!”

Any additional tips? 

“I always tell people to really make sure they understand what they are applying to. Read the description a few times, and make sure you are ready to SELL yourself. An interview gives you a chance to pat yourself on the back. We want to know what makes you great, and we can’t wait to hear about it!”

Thank you, Carrie, for your insight! Should you have additional questions for Carrie, please leave us a comment!