In today’s tough job market where competition for open opportunities is fierce, many job seekers are looking for ways to make their resumes stand out. We asked Carrie, Medix’s Corporate Recruiter, her advice to give your resume that special boost to catch the eyes of hiring managers:

Aside from professional experience, what can job seekers add to their resume?

“Add your volunteer work! It’s a great way to demonstrate you’re a well-rounded candidate. Recent graduates without a lot of professional experience and bolster their resumes with information about your involvement in student organizations, athletics and your fraternity/sorority. Furthermore, any job seeker can add certifications or awards to their resumes.”

What order should your resume be in?

“That depends – if you are a recent grad, your education should go on top, but if you have been out of school for a while, your education should go below your professional experience. Reverse chronological order (most recent experience first) is great if your work history is good and shows longevity in positions. However, I recommend professional experience groupings with accomplishments if your work history is limited, that way, we are sold on what you can do before we get to looking at your actual work history. I would also use this form if you are really working to sell yourself into a new position! Finally, if you are a seasoned professional looking for a more senior-level position, consider enhancing your qualifications on the top of your resume and enhance your accomplishments.”

Should job seekers get creative with format, colors and etc.?

“You should only get creative with format/colors IF you are applying to positions that involve creativity. If you’re applying for a job in public relations or advertising, add some design elements to your resume. If you are going for a nursing position, keep it visually appealing and clear cut.”

Why are keywords so important within a resume?

“They are important because recruiters and hiring managers run resume searches off of keywords. If you fail to have keywords (job requirements) in your resume, we will not find your resume on a search.”

Making your resume stand out is tough, but if you think strategically and remember this advice, you have a good shot at becoming a memorable job candidate.

Any an additional tip? Please share below!

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