The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the spring weather is finally settling in. Everyone’s mood is instantly lifted by the promises of summer on its way, but how is the office looking? Can you see the sun past the piles of paperwork stacked up? Is your email account overflowing with clutter from past quarters? It’s time for the annual ritual of spring cleaning, and here are some helpful hints for being more tidy and some great benefits that come along with a clean office:

  1. Productivity soars to new heights

Think about how you feel when your workspace is clutter free and squeaky clean. The air smells of fresh and flowery cleaning products, your desk is free of unorganized paperwork and the gross fingerprints on your computer screen are gone! After taking the time to de-clutter desk space and wipe everything down, people are more prepared to get down to business. Ever heard of the saying, “clear space, clear mind”? Clutter and filth restricts the ability to focus on certain tasks. This spring, clean up your workspace in order to boost your productivity and reduce those stress levels! In fact, an article on the correlation between cleaning and productivity found that, “employees’ productivity levels were determined to be heavily influenced by the cleanliness of the office in which they worked. A clean office produced quantifiable results when it came to employee productivity. They reported a 5% productivity gain ($125,000) in a 100-employee office with an average salary of $25,000.”

Extra helpful hint: Go a step further and don’t just clean the physical space around you,  tackle that email account too! Sorting and deleting emails will make more room for the most important tasks.

  1.    Storage Space Savior  

Oh, the dreaded storage problem. For an entire year, we unintentionally build massive amounts of clutter that takes up valuable storage space. How many umbrellas do you really need in that drawer? Ladies, do you need every pair of shoes under your desk? What about the pointless paperwork piled up in every crevice around your desk? Take advantage of some quality spring cleaning and don’t be afraid to get rid of things you don’t need at your desk. Here’s a helpful hint: keep things that are in arms reach. Everything else should go (at least until you really need it). Additionally, you may need to revise your digital filing space. Go through important files online and, if you need duplicates, print them out and store them in a labeled manila folder (an inexpensive storage technique). If you come across outdated or unnecessary files, don’t be afraid to purge!

Extra helpful hint: If you’re anything like me, I need visuals every day to remind me of things I need to do. Pin checklists and reminders on a cork board or whiteboard. This way, you’ll have clean way to always know what you need to get done next!

  1. Coworkers show up to work!

According to a study, it takes about 2-4 hours for germs in one infected area to spread to 40-60 percent of office surfaces. When the general workspace area is clean, less people are likely to get sick. In turn, that dreaded absenteeism stat goes way down. This spring, make sure to disinfect desk areas, computers, common areas and workspaces away from your desk in order to get rid of dust and germs. Remember, spring allergy season is in full swing, so the more cleaning supplies you go through, the better!

  1. New Friends

Believe it or not, spring cleaning can be used as a team building tool. Who knew!? This spring, organize a cleaning event that involves the entire team. This way, the whole office can be germ free, clutter free and full of happy employees in the matter of an hour or two. Try taking some time on a Friday afternoon and assign tasks for different groups of people. One group can take care of cleaning the kitchen, one team can take of the supplies room, oh, don’t forget about the conference rooms! Create a contest out of who can has the “cleanest” area at the end of the hour and give away prizes. This way, the entire team can get to know each other and the office space will be immaculate.

Whether it’s a group effort or an individual effort, take some time to spruce up your work area. The benefits are incredible and there’s a ton of ways to make it fun. No one wants to be known as the messy coworker in the office! Do you have any spring cleaning tips? Please share below: