What’s on your back to school to-do list? First and foremost, stocking up on new school supplies and a fresh wardrobe is key. Then, there’s the pesky matter of setting a balanced class schedule. Oh, don’t forget finding time to reconnect with classmates! For most college students, this list of priorities can fill up fast. With so much to keep track of, it can be easy to overlook a critical question for aspiring young professionals – how do you plan to land a job after graduation?

After all, following years of classes and incredible experiences, the ultimate goal for most graduates is starting a great career. To get there, graduates need to be ready with more than just a diploma and a handful of good stories. However, crafting a professional resume, writing cover letters and researching companies to target takes time and effort.

Unfortunately, many students avoid putting in the work of preparing to look for work until its absolutely necessary. The problem is that waiting until the last minute can come with consequences. As graduation day creeps closer, the mad dash towards landing job offers only becomes more competitive.

Do you really want to be stressing over resume rewrites while you’re finishing a 20-page term paper and a group project the week before finals?

Get a head start this year with our back to school job search tips! Joining the Medix Impact Podcast to give us advice on what to focus on as classes start back up is Emily, a Corporate Recruiter working in Medix’s Chicago office. She’s got the advice students need to start their job search early this school year, but if you don’t tune in, you’ll miss out!