In recent years, and in large part due to Google, companies across the nation are changing their primary focus from customer satisfaction to employee satisfaction. Companies are offering unlimited PTO, free Starbucks, ping pong tables and even nap rooms to their employees in the hopes of finding and sustaining the most valuable Talent in the industry.
Being the brightest person in your graduating class isn’t enough to secure your position with the next up and coming “Best Places to Work” though (I will say it certainly doesn’t hurt). Now days, it takes a certain skill set, a certain work ethic and a certain something special to be that all-star employee who companies can never let go of.
But how can you, or even I, become irreplaceable in the workplace? Easy! Follow these quick tips to establish yourself as an awesome talent!
Communication is probably the single most important factor in everything we do. Being honest with your employer or your boss is always key – especially if you are running late, need a day off or are simply wishing you had more to do around the office. Building rapport with your boss helps to establish your dependability. Employers want to trust the individuals they hire. Showing you are trustworthy and honest will certainly aid in your quest to being an awesome hire.
Speaking of communication, learning to listen to your boss and adapting to understand his or her requests will prove valuable in no time. Bosses dream of having an employee who just “gets it.” They know exactly what their boss wants and exactly how to deliver it with little to no direction. But you don’t have to be a mind reader to do this. Take lots of notes during all interactions with your boss, and ask questions if you aren’t sure you understand. For example, maybe your boss asks you to use decimals instead of whole numbers, or prefers you save images as PNG files instead of JPEG…make note of these little quirks, as they will go a long way in establishing your value, as well as save time for you and your boss in the long run!
Work is for Work
One of the single most difficult tasks that we as humans face is making a distinct separation between work and home life. It won’t be easy, but learning to do this will be worth it. Sure you can still talk to your boss or your co-workers about that really funny thing your child did, or solicit advice on a spousal disagreement, but at the end of the day, your emotions to need be checked, both when entering the workplace, and again when getting home. Your personal frustrations and stresses have no business at the workplace (and vice versa!), so maintaining emotional maturity will show your boss you are capable and responsible enough to deal with work at work, and personal life on your personal time.
Be a Team Player
Yeah, you may not love all your colleagues, but you do work with them, and as a result you will need to learn to collaborate with them. Employer’s love those that have the ability to both lead a team, and simply follow a team and your time and place for both opportunities will surely come in the workplace. When it does, prove yourself to your colleagues! Remember, people talk and if you are a valuable colleague to your neighbor, your marketing director or even the HR manager, your boss will be the first to know!
Being an Oscar winning actor or an all-star athlete may not be something we all can obtain, but being your boss’s number one or an irreplaceable asset to your company doesn’t have to be. Following these simple tips will ensure you leave your mark on your current employer!