There are many reasons why individuals pursue certain avenues of employment and are drawn to one position over another, such as office culture, benefits packages available, and a wide range of other possible factors. (Maybe it’s crucial to you that your workplace is within 5 minutes of a Starbucks for your morning java kick!)

If growth and potential for advancement are your primary objectives when looking for a career, then look no further.  CNN Money posted its 2011 list of the positions that possess the most potential for rapid growth, and guess what?  Our industry was well represented, as “Employment Recruiter” made the list.

Below is the exerpt from the article on Employment Recruiting, but you can view the entire list at:

Ready, set, advance your career!

Best jobs for fast growth

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15. Employment Recruiter
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Median pay: $55,400
Top pay: $88,500
10-year job growth: 28%
Total jobs: 120,000
The job: Considered the matchmakers of the employment world, recruiters work with businesses to find the best employees to hire. During the recession, hiring came to a standstill and HR departments were particularly hard hit. But as businesses begin to rebuild, these staffing departments are left short-handed, spelling opportunity for those looking to get a foot in the door.

How to switch: This is a relatively easy field to get into, but it does require a fair amount of interpersonal skills. Along with a good attitude, prospects should also be well versed in employment law, as well as federal and state regulations. A background in sales – or online dating – could give you an even bigger leg up.