On October 16, we dedicate a day to recognize our bosses. For many of us, our bosses are more than just the people who tell us what to do day in and day out; they are our mentors and career champions who truly deserve the recognition. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your boss on Boss’s Day:

A Heart-Felt Thank You

The most meaningful thing you can do for your boss is to truly thank him/her for everything he/she has done for you. Write an email, buy a card, either way, a simple “Thank you for everything” will mean a lot to your boss.

Lunch is on You 

Does your boss have a favorite lunch spot? Get your coworkers together and treat him/her to lunch! This is a great way to celebrate your boss, because you will spend time and get to know your boss better outside of the office, which will ultimately help you build a better relationship with him/her. 

Gift Ideas 

If you by yourself or with a group of coworkers want to buy your boss a gift, there are many ideas floating around. Here are some general ones to consider:

  • Office décor, like a plant or a picture
  • A subscription to a general business or industry-specific publication
  • Portable phone chargers and other smartphone gadgets
  • Favorite sports team memorabilia
  • Wine/beer/etc. of the month memberships
  • Spa day gift certificate

Have an additional Boss’s Day idea to share? Leave a comment!

Happy Boss’s Day to all supervisors, managers and executives of all levels!